The Boulder Institute of Microfinance is pleased to announce the completion of its 2021 ONLINE programming. After 27 years offering out world-renowned in-person training and conference style training events, we are launching our inaugural slate of ONLINE programs. We have re-worked our traditional Microfinance Training Program (MFT) to focus on the strategies MFIs have used to confront the COVID pandemic, and the tactical and medium-term responses that will help them face the future. We have also put our Digital Transformation of Microfinance Institutions (DT-MFIs) ONLINE with a full set of the fundamental concepts our organizations need to consider as we deepen our commitment to serving our clients more completely. As customary, we are fortunate to be joined by some of the most noted experts in our field as senior faculty who will drive the content and activities of each program and engage participants in learning about cutting edge issues, core principles, and the latest techniques for providing access to financial services for the world’s poor. All our programs were led by Robert Christen, President of the Boulder Institute of Microfinance.

We offered both programs in a 10-week format – with 2-hour Live Sessions once a week. Both programs are built around 65 hours of academic engagement and are fully equivalent in the time they ask of participants. A participant who fully completes either Program will receive the traditional Boulder Institute of Microfinance Certificate. Tuition for both formats of both programs has been set at an inaugural cost of usd$1,950, which we have heavily discounted from the full price of usd$2,400 that the programs will cost in the future.

ALSO. Stay tuned. Later this year we will announce two new ONLINE programs for 2021/22. We will offer a “Back to Boulder” (B2B) short course on Strategic Risk Management and a Rural and Agricultural Finance (RAFP) “Master Class Series” Digitalizing Rural Finance.