Lesley-Ann Vaughan

Lesley-Ann Vaughan

MiLA Consulting

Lesley-Ann has been working as emerging markets digital financial services since 2005; She is one of the creators of the M-PESA for Vodafone, from concept to launched service, her name is on the patent.    

Following M-PESA, Lesley-Ann was Head of Product at a Fintech start-up venture focused on emerging markets digital MFI solutions.  In the last 5 years, she’s been working as an independent consultant focusing on Africa, Myanmar and Indonesia, working with CGAP, & Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, IFC, Telcos, Banks, MFBs & Fintechs including M-KOPA Solar.   Recently she has been working with Microsoft’s emerging markets team.

Lesley-Ann’s role migrated over the years from being in the engineering team to directing the outputs of the engineering team, to spending a lot of time helping operational & product/sales teams think differently about how technology can support the outcomes they can drive for.  She is a passionate believer in delivering value early and often by encouraging a delivery culture based on continuous delivery, small feedback loops, and active learning. She helps financial services teams to think more like a start-up and create the culture and technology and roadmap to execute on a vision pragmatically.

Her domain expertise focuses deeply on operating model thinking for “digital all the way down”: customer-centric service design, using real-time analytics to be data driven in decision making throughout the business, supporting process automation, and managing risk proactively.