Paul Makin

Paul Makin

Digital Financial

Paul Makin has been continuously engaged in projects related to digital financial services since 1994. He has been particularly focused on the mobile channel since 2004, when he was a primary player in the development of the M-PESA mobile money service.

Paul’s varied work in financial inclusion includes: on-the-ground development and operation of an identity and value transfer services for farmers in remote rural Nigeria; advising the Bank of Thailand on inclusive approaches to eKYC and customer onboarding; on-the-ground analysis of the use of identity (Aadhaar) for safety net programs in India; strategies for identity management, AML and privacy for recipients of remittances in Somalia; analysis of the use of digital identity for financial inclusion for the World Bank; development of training resources for digital financial services cybersecurity for CGAP; digital identity strategies for financial inclusion in South Africa; and working with the WFP on the development of digital identity strategies for the delivery of social payments; working to interconnect MFIs and SACCOs into the mainstream financial sector in Myanmar and Rwanda, in a manner that is appropriate for their capacity for risk; working with those MFIs to help them understand risk in the context of the digital economy.

Paul has also consulted to large, established financial service and payments providers, such as HSBC, Lloyds Bank Group, Visa & MasterCard in the areas of DFS strategy and security.

Paul has developed and taught online courses for the Digital Frontiers Institute and the DFS Observatory of Columbia University.