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Since 1995, the Boulder Institute has trained over 7,000 professionals in our Microfinance, Digital Transformation, Rural and Agricultural Finance, and Executive Leadership programs, bringing together representatives from microfinance institutions (MFIs), support organizations and government agencies around new content that is evidence based. As the paramount training institution around inclusive financial services, Boulder Institute has created a vast network of faculty who are recognized experts in the inclusive finance industry. Boulder Institute is known for helping industry professionals understand the changes needed to effectively serve the lower-income markets in their countries in a way that no other training institution is able to develop.

The Boulder Institute has capitalized on the reach of its programs and the depth of its engagement in the microfinance sector by generating paradigm-shifting conversations about financial inclusion, rural financial services, and MFI governance in heated markets. Currently expanding our outreach, we seek wider and more diverse groups of inclusive finance professionals worldwide. And now, we hope to see you ONLINE in our new programs.

Boulder Institute blog

Blog – Boulder Community Corner

We would like to welcome you to this new space dedicated to presenting and discussing key questions related to financial inclusion. Boulder Institute created the Community Corner Blog as a way to put out valuable information for the Microfinance community during these trying times as we faced this pandemic and dealt with all its repercussions. We published 23 papers in collaboration with a wide range of experts that touch on different aspects of our collective response as a community to the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic. If you have not read them, we invite you to explore them and join the conversation.

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