Welcome to THE Boulder Institute of Microfinance

We are delighted to announce the return of our in-person Microfinance and Rural Finance Training Programs:

  • in English, at the ITC/ILO Training Centre in Turin, Italy, July 15-26th, 2024
  • in Spanish, in Lima, Peru, September 16-20, 2024
  • in French, in Marseille, spring of 2025
  • in Portuguese, for the first time, in Brasil, spring of 2025
  • Rural and Agricultural Finance, in English, spring of 2025

Boulder Institute provides an incomparable experience.  We designed all sessions to support your ability to participate in and guide strategic decisions on important topics for financial inclusion when you return home.

All our programs will focus on the latest innovations and core practices for:

  • obtaining and retaining clients through client centric practice,
  • managing the process of digitalizing operations that transform our business models,
  • benchmarking financial performance, ratings, and certifications, and,
  • managing risk.

Our Masterclass series will cover hot topics like climate change resiliency, gender specific opportunities, open banking, over indebtedness in competitive markets, and rural financial services.

Everyone participates in our Masterclass series the first hour of each morning. Then you choose one elective course for the remainder of the morning and one for the afternoon. These electives will run from Monday through Thursday. On Friday, participants will switch to another elective course for a 2.5-hour intensive seminar on one of the other topics. This will allow everyone to experience a variety of topics at different levels of intensiveness during your stay.

Please contact us quickly to start the registration process, especially if you need to acquire a visa to come to Italy for the English MFT program.  We are limiting the size of this year’s programs for logistical reasons and will receive participants on a first come first serve basis.

Join us. Become part of our global community. Catch up to the latest developments.

Microfinance Training Program: Key issues in financial inclusion (MFT) – July 15-26, 2024.

Discover the power of cutting-edge microfinance techniques, empowering you to deliver invaluable services to your clients effortlessly.

Join us as we delve into client-centered growth strategies, navigate digital transformations, explore innovative frontiers in finance and social performance, and tackle the dynamic challenge of leading change in today’s rapidly evolving landscape.


MFT en español: Innovaciones en Microfinanzas.
16 – 20 Septiembre 2024.

Experimenta las técnicas de microfinanzas más avanzadas, diseñadas para ofrecer servicios de gran valor a tus clientes hoy mismo.

Únete a nosotros mientras exploramos estrategias centradas en el cliente y en el diseño de productos, gestionamos la transformación digital, innovamos en la vanguardia del sector, y enfrentamos el desafío dinámico de gestionar el crecimiento y la competencia en el mercado actual.


MFT en français: Microfinance en Profondeur. Printemps 2025.

Découvrez les techniques de microfinance les plus avancées, conçues pour offrir des services de grande valeur à vos clients dès aujourd’hui.

Rejoignez-nous alors que nous explorons des stratégies centrées sur le client et sur la conception de produits, gérons la transformation numérique, innovons à la pointe du secteur et relevons le défi dynamique de gérer la croissance et la concurrence sur le marché actuel.



MFT em português:  Trabalhando as Microfinanças em Equipe.  Primavera de 2025

Juntos, vamos explorar as técnicas de microfinanças mais avançadas, elaboradas para fornecer serviços de grande valor aos clientes da empresa.

Vamos explorar estratégias centradas no cliente e no design de produtos, analisar a transformação digital, as inovações que estão na vanguarda do setor e enfrentar o desafio dinâmico de gerenciar o crescimento e a competição no mercado atual.

Rural and Agricultural Finance: The digital dimension (RAFP). Spring of 2025

Addresses the digital innovations that are being applied to the provision of financial services to rural farming families and the broader commercial ecosystem in which they operate, with a special emphasis on the role of women headed households.

We will take a client – centric approach to building an inclusive financial eco-system that supports farmer’s participation in local and international value chains, e-commerce and agritech platforms, and green finance initiatives.