August, 11 – October, 21

Program objective:

Microfinance Training Program (MFT) engages participants with thought provoking readings, exercises, and group work to equip them with practical tools and strategies to confront challenging times and prepare for a post-COVID future.

Participants in this MFT Certificate Program will obtain a thorough understanding of the strategies MFIs have used to segment clients and respond to their circumstances. We will look at tactical and strategic responses in the areas of product design, HR, portfolio, and financial management. These will help MFIs explore the practical and ethical dilemmas we face while balancing our need to support our clients while at the same time ensuring our long-term sustainability.

Content and Structure:

All the modules are designed to meet the professional needs and challenges that the microfinance industry faces today and will lead to a MFT Certificate. Please click here to see the description of all modules. 

  • Module 1. Response of the Microfinance Community to the COVID Pandemic
  • Module 2. Accelerated Digitalization
  • Module 3. BuildingCustomer-Centric Digital Solutions
  • Module 4. Risk Management and the Financial Lives of the Poor
  • Module 5. Using data for customer centric financial solutions – exploring utility of quantitative and qualitative data for product design- PART I
  • Module 6. Using data for customer centric financial solutions – exploring utility of quantitative and qualitative data for product design- PART II
  • Module 7. Managing Staff during Challenging Times – Keeping Staff Motivated
  • Module 8. Managing performance during times of stress– Part I
  • Module 9. Managing performance during times of stress– Part II
  • Module 10. Strategic Direction for a Future Beyond COVID




The Boulder MFT Program Online in Extended format is held in English from August, 11 to October, 21. The cost is USD$1950 for our inaugural edition.

It offers a great opportunity to develop assignments and interact with senior faculty and peers around their experiences. Our past participants have always valued very highly this aspect of our programs.

Program participants meet online for 2-hour Live Session every Wednesday from 12PM to 2PM GMT and are expected to complete 3-5 additional hours of self-guided work consisting of readings, videos, and exercises at home in between each Live Session. Senior faculty will be available on Chat and live most weekdays for one hour at a pre-set time. In total, participants will have a minimum of 60 engagement hours.


Program Schedule:

Registration Deadline August 9 Must have submitted the registration form and paid the tuition.
Welcome session August 11 Special live session for the opening session on Wednesday, August 11 from 12pm to 2pm GMT.
Self-Guided Work August 11-October 20 Work on the materials on the student portal estimate 3 –5 hours per week
Live Sessions August 11-October 20 Meet every Wednesday online from 12pm to 2pm GMT
Graduation Ceremony October 21 Special live session for the online ceremony on Thursday, October 21 from 12pm to 1:30 pm GMT