MFT IN ENGLISH: Key issues in financial inclusion

JULY 15-26, 2024 – ITC-ILO TURIN

MASTER CLASS: Managing Growth, Competition and Inclusion

Our Masterclass series will cover hot topics like climate change resiliency, gender specific opportunities, open banking, over indebtedness in competitive markets, and rural financial services.

Robert Christen


Gerhard Coetzee


Momina Aijazuddin


You can choose one course in the morning and one in the afternoon for each of the weeks:

WEEK 1: July 15-19

+ Risk and resilience
+ Managing digital transformation

+ Building client centriciy
+ Digital innovation strategy

WEEK 2: July 19-26

+ Digitalizing products and services
+ Rural digital financial services

+ Human Centered Design
+ Overindebtedness

On Fridays you can take a condensed version of one of the other courses.

Risk and resilience

Gain a hands-on opportunity to explore how financial services – savings, credit and insurance – can be used to help low-income households and microentrepreneurs to manage risks more effectively.

Craig Churchill

Managing digital transformation

Understand the evolution of the broader digital ecosystem and the opportunities this creates to innovate in your organization’s path toward digitalization.

Ivo Jenik

Building client centriciy

Build client centricity into your support of client’s finances through your digital transformation..

Carlos Silis

Digital innovation strategy

Explore the elements for the successful adoption of your strategy built around your most critical client, your team.

Lucy Lawrence

Digitalizing products and services

Discuss how to produce quick wins by adjusting traditional products through digitalized communications, processes, and marketing

Anup Singh

Rural digital financial services

Look at global trends in digital rural finance and the various successful business models led by MNOs, banks and e-commerce. 

Nathan Were 

Human Centered Design

‘Human Centered Design’ enables your organization to be empathetic, collaborative and intentional in creating solutions.

Petronella Chigara / Stephen Peachey


Learn from the lessons of failures in microfinance markets, early warning indicators, as well as the relevant international standards related to risk.

Gabriel Davel