This program consists of interactive sessions among participants, interviews with CEOs of leading MFIs from around the world, special presentations on trends in the industry and beyond, and special sessions organized by the IFC with the presentation of recent important work done by the World Bank Group on financial inclusion.

The program is directed at C-Suite Executives and Board members of microfinance institutions.

Exchange experiences with C-Suite executives on how they have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and how they are thinking strategically to prepare for a changed future.

MFI management and staff; Digital Finance project officers; Financial Inclusion Specialists; Commercial Banks; and consultants.

  • Get to know successful experiences in digitalization of microfinance projects, and understand what made them successful
  • Rethink the way to design Financial Products to offer Digital products that meet the needs of your clients
  • Understand strategic and Business Planning and the specific tools that will allow your organization to strategize your digital transformation
  • Strengthen critical thinking and systematic decision-making by adopting an Agile Design Approach
    Build an invaluable network of personal contacts that will remain with you throughout your professional career
  • Analyze the current state of the industry, confronting the challenges that financial inclusion presents in the world stage
  • Have the possibility to achieve a Boulder Institute certificate

With a combination of self-paced and facilitated/instructor-led approach, all programs methodology will consist of a blend of the following:

  • Self-guided work consisting of readings, videos, and exercises. These lay out the core concepts for each module.
  • Live sessions consisting of presentations and discussion by faculty and invited guests, Q&A, breakout exercises, and plenary feedback to further explore the issues MFIs face in the application of these principles.
  • Chat or live interactions with senior faculty.

Participants will accumulate points toward the certificate for each activity they complete.