Digital Transformation of Microfinance Institutions

Module 1: Survey of digitalization initiatives in Microfinance

September 1-8

Review recent global surveys of digitalization initiatives in financial inclusion sector and discover the critical issues we will by addressing.

Robert Christen, Boulder Institute 

Module 2: The digital ecosystem.
September 8-15

Find out the evolution of a broader digital ecosystem and the opportunities this creates for our own organizations.

Odelia Torteman and Lowell Campbell, IFC

Module 3: Planning a digitalization strategy.
September 15-22

Discuss the centrality of strategy to the digital transformation process and the key concepts that should guide us in creating an impactful approach.

Omoneka Musa, IFC 

Module 4: Data and Data analytics
September 22-29

Look at the opportunity data provides to improve business results by generating an intensified, personalized, and highly connected relationship between field staff and clients.

Dean Caire, IFC

Module 5: Digitalizing products and services
September 29-October 6

Discuss how to produce quick wins by adjusting traditional products through digitalized communications, processes, and marketing

Anup Singh, Helix Institute of Digital Finance

Module 6: Building digital payments systems through partnerships
October 6-13

Re-evaluate your own capabilities and imagine new business models by looking for partnership opportunities.

Innocent Ephraim, Id8 space

Module 7: Cyber security
October 13-20

Examine key developments in customer onboarding, privacy, and protection, as well as in cybersecurity, AML, digital identity through API’s, and fraud.

Paul Makin, Consultant

Module 8: Developing an Agile Approach
October 20-27

How to build and manage teams that must obtain optimal outcomes as they create digital innovations while simultaneously running a business-as-usual with legacy systems.

Lesley-Ann Vaughan, Consultant

Module 9: Structuring Digital Transformation initiatives
October 27-November 3

Explore the critical elements for success as revealed by case studies of two major US corporation’s digital transformation journeys.

Lucy Lawrence, Consultant 

Module 10: Creating an innovative company
November 3-17

Discover the experiences of dozens of MFIs as they seek to grow through constant adaptation to changing markets, the evolving needs of their clients, and the evolution of their staff.

Momina Aijazuddin, IFC





The program consists of a total of 10 Modules, all of which include Live Sessions with renowned faculty & guests. It also features self-guided work, which includes readings, assignments, group sessions, quizzes, forums, and more. These Self-guided activities take place on our E-Campus, which is based on a Moodle platform, in between the weekly Live Sessions.

The program will last 12 weeks with a total of 65 hours of participant engagement. Early birds cost is US $1,950.

Program participants meet online for a 2-hour Live Session every Thursday, from 2PM to 4PM GMT and are expected to complete 3-4 additional hours of Self-Guided Work. Senior faculty will be available on Chat or live on some weekdays at designated hours they will set individually.

Registration is open until the official registration deadline on August 30th. The Welcoming Session will be on September 1st, and the official Graduation Ceremony will be on November 17th


Language: English
Format: 12 weeks
Start Date: September 1, 2022
End Date: November 17, 2022
Engagement hours: 65
Cost: US $1,950