August, 26 – November, 5

The 2021 Edition of this Digital Transformation of Microfinance Institutions Program is now finished! Congratulations to our 59 alumni for this inaugural edition that received their certificate !

Stay tuned to our announcements for our future editions!

Program objective:

Participants in this DT Certificate obtained a thorough understanding of the key ingredients in any pathway toward digital transformation. After this program participants will be able to help guide their organizations through the process of redesigning their relationship with clients and field staff, putting together a digital ecosystem, creating usable data, and putting together agile teams and processes.

The program is designed specifically around the challenges MFIs face when they move from analog to digital systems and how to strengthen their relationships with clients in a digital age.

Content and Structure:

All the modules are designed to meet the professional needs and challenges that the microfinance industry faces today and will lead to a DT-MFIs CertificatePlease click here to see the description of all modules. 

  • Module 1.  COVID and the Drive Toward Digital Transformation
  • Module 2.  Strategic and Business Planning for Transformational Change
  • Module 3.  Rethinking Financial Products for the Digital Age
  • Module 4.  Building Partnerships and a Digital Financial Ecosystem for Your Clients
  • Module 5.  Data and Data Analytics
  • Module 6.  Data based Management of Clients and Staff
  • Module 7.  Risk, Fraud and Consumer Protection in DFS
  • Module 8.  Developing an Agile Design Approach
  • Module 9.  Managing the Human Dimension of Change
  • Module 10.  Strategic Direction for a Future Beyond Classic Microfinance



The Digital Transformation of Microfinance Institutions Training Program was held in English from August, 26 to November 5. The cost was USD$1950.

It offers a greater opportunity to more fully develop assignments and interact with senior faculty and peers around their experiences. Our past participants have always valued very highly this aspect of our programs.

Program participants meet online for 2-hour Live Session every Thursday, from 12PM to 2PM GMT and were expected to complete 3 – 5 additional hours of self-guided work consisting of readings, videos, and exercises at home in between each Live Session. Senior faculty were available on Chat or live every weekday for one hour at GMT at noon. In total, participants had a minimum of 60 engagement hours.

Program Schedule:

Registration Deadline August 23 Must have submitted the registration form and paid the tuition.
Opening session August 26 Special live session for the opening session on Thursday, August 12th from 12pm to 2pm GMT
Self-Guided Work August 26-November 4 Work on the materials on the student portal estimate 3 –5 hours per week
Live Sessions August 26-November 4 Meet every Thursday online from 12pm to 2pm GMT
Graduation Ceremony November 5 Special live session for the online ceremony on Friday, October 22nd from 12pm to 1:30 pm GMT

Digital Transformation of Microfinance Institutions Training Program