Digital Transformation of Microfinance Institutions Program






MFI management and staff; Digital Finance project officers; Financial Inclusion Specialists; Commercial Banks; and consultants.






  • Get to know successful experiences in digitalization of microfinance projects, and understand what made them successful
  • Rethink the way to design Financial Products to offer Digital products that meet the needs of your clients
  • Understand strategic and Business Planning and the specific tools that will allow your organization to strategize your digital transformation
  • Strengthen critical thinking and systematic decision-making by adopting an Agile Design Approach
  • Build an invaluable network of personal contacts that will remain with you throughout your professional career
  • Analyze the current state of the industry, confronting the challenges that financial inclusion presents in the world stage
  • Have the possibility to achieve a Boulder Institute certificate






With a combination of self-paced and facilitated/instructor-led approach, all programs methodology will consist of a blend of the following:

  • Self-guided work consisting of readings, videos, and exercises. These lay out the core concepts for each module.
  • Live sessions consisting of presentations and discussion by faculty and invited guests, Q&A, breakout exercises, and plenary feedback to further explore the issues MFIs face in the application of these principles.
  • Chat or live interactions with senior faculty.
  • Participants will accumulate points toward the certificate for each activity they complete.