Back to Boulder Program: Moving From COVID-19 to Growth


Puts you together with C-suite and other experienced practitioners in a highly interactive forum with senior leaders from the IFC and the Boulder Institute of Microfinance. Here you will engage in thought-provoking readings, exercises, and group work to equip you with practical tools and strategies to confront challenging times and prepare for a post-COVID future.

The financial sector landscape is changing rapidly with the rise of disruptive innovators, digitization, and big data technology. These developments spur competition and bring complexity to the sector, while also providing opportunities for creative partnerships between traditional microfinance providers and new entrants. These new partnerships have the potential to both enhance financial services and reduce operational costs.

COVID-19 has accelerated these trends, as digital delivery of financial services offers the potential to manage COVID-19-related risks, maintain operations, provide uninterrupted services, support customer ability to transact during lockdowns, and minimize in-person interactions. Looking forward, successful providers will be those that effectively deploy appropriate technologies across channels, products, and processes, to make current offerings more accessible and efficient, to better manage risk, and to develop new business models.





Module 1: Moving Past the COVID-19 Emergency to Resilience and Growth

Share strategies organizations have used to respond to the COVID-19 emergency and subsequently, build for a changed future.

  • Robert Christen
  • Momina Aijazuddin

Module 2: Adapting to a Changing Environment

Analyze the impact of the pandemic on those human resources that are crucial for our success.

  • Robert Christen
  • Martin Holtmann
  • Beniamino Savonitto
  • Vineet Rai
  • Omoneka Musa

Module 3: Managing the Human Dimension of Change

Hear from a leader of a globally relevant organization outside the microfinance community who will guide a discussion around leading transformative change in large retail organizations.

  • Robert Christen
  • Martin Holtmann
  • Lucy Lawrence

Module 4. Building Governance to Affect Strategic Adaptation

Discuss how to get your organization ready to engage in the structural changes necessary to engage in digital transformation, renew staff capabilities, and develop next generation financial services.

  • Robert Christen
  • Momina Aijazuddin
  • Mark Flaming

Module 5. Elective Special Sessions

Leora Klapper will present key messages from the just-released World Development Report 2022: Finance for an Equitable Recovery.

Lowell Campbell and Odelia Torteman from IFC will present on the components, risks and opportunities of building a digital bank.

  • Leora Klapper
  • Lowell Campbell
  • Odelia Torteman

Faculty bios and module description

Boulder Institute programs bring together faculty that include some of the most noted leaders in financial inclusion to engage professionals in learning about innovative issues, core principles, and the latest techniques for providing access to financial services to underserved communities.

This Program will be led by Robert Christen, Martin Holtmann, and Momina Aijazuddin with invited senior faculty who will drive the content and activities of each Module.

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