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Program Schedule

March 17 to
March 31, 2022


Back to Boulder Program: Moving From COVID-19 to Growth

Our brand new Back to Boulder Program “Moving From COVID-19 to Growth”. In partnership with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) we bring together C-suite and other experienced practitioners in an interactive forum to discuss how leading organizations are preparing for a post-COVID future.

This is a ‘C-Suite’ level discussion around returning to growth in a changed and challenging environment.

4 Mai au
20 Juillet 2022


Programme de Transformation Numérique des IMFs (DT-MFIs)

Ce programme fournit aux participants un guide des composantes essentielles de ce processus qui les aidera à mener des conversations stratégiques dans leurs organisations.  

Vous y découvrirez les questions d’actualité, les principes fondamentaux et les dernières techniques permettant de fournir un accès aux services financiers aux populations pauvres.

19 Mayo a
21 Julio 2022


Programa de Transformación Digital de las IMFs (DT-MFIs)

Este programa proporciona a los participantes una guía de los componentes esenciales para la transformación digital que les ayudará a liderar las conversaciones de estrategia en sus organizaciones.

Descubra las cuestiones de actualidad, los principios básicos y las últimas técnicas que permiten proporcionar acceso a los servicios financieros a las poblaciones pobres.

July 19 to
September 20 2022


Microfinance Training Program (MFT)

Our traditional MFT Program engages senior faculty and peers on moving forward after these particularly challenging two years with a special emphasis on serving our clients’ needs. 

Here you will engage with practical tools and strategies to confront challenging times and prepare for a post-COVID future.